No-one is more particular about his bikes than Gary; his bikes are always immaculate and beautifully put together.

When you ask bspoke cycles to fettle your bike before your big race, Gary will get everything working perfectly, with the same exacting attention to detail that he uses with his own equipment.


Gearing Tuning

Poor gear changes can spoil your race and may be dangerously distracting too. Through a thorough understanding of the mechanisms and years of experience, we can get your race bike shifting silky smooth.

Brake Adjustment

Safe braking in corners and downhill comes from having brakes levers well positioned and brake calipers tuned to suit your preference.

Bearings Adjustment and Lubrication

A smooth running hub will shave vital seconds and those all-important watts, and a headset and bottom bracket that are in good working order mean accurate, predictable steering and better power transfer from the pedals.